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Some of the best pets are the ones that have been rescued from bad situations. If you're looking to add a cat or dog to your family, consider fostering or adopting from Pawsitivity Rescue.

We take in cats and dogs of all ages, breeds and personalities to give them a second shot at a happy life.

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We proudly partner with ShelterLuv, a nationwide platform that helps us keep track of each pet and its medical needs. ShelterLuv allows us to keep all available medical information in one place for future owners. You'll know exactly what vaccines, medications or procedures your pet needs when you adopt them.

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At Pawsitivity Rescue, we want to give a home to every stray dog and cat in our area. This means we offer a handful of services and resources for all pet parents. You can turn to us for:

Fostering and adoption services
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We also hold fundraisers throughout the year to support the pets in our care and those in need within our community.

In Memorium

Zeus was found in Mountain Home Idaho. He was found by a kind lady who thought he was sick, hurt, or both. He was not a young boy in fact although it is unclear due to issues with his teeth he was very old. He was very underweight and sick when he was brought in. But it was clear that he was unstable on his feet. We thought at first, due to his facial features, that he may have suffered from Cerebella Hypoplasia, also known as CH and Wobbly cat syndrome. CH is a neurological disorder that causes jerky movements, Uncoordinated motion and loss of balance.

We treated his URI and decided to watch him. We noted that he has a deformity in his skull and in his back leg. So with all this, we needed to begin to diagnose his issue with his teeth and it was clear that he was in pain. He preferred to not move about too often and we wanted to have a very clear diagnosis so we could give him the most comfortable life. All Valley Federal Way is the vet we chose to do his initial and ongoing care.

They completed bloodwork and testing for all known issues like Fiv/FeLV as well as X-ray from nose to tail.

At some point in the past, Zeus was hit by a car and he did not receive treatment for this his skull was fractured significantly and his sinus passages were affected. He fractured his spine which affected his back legs but didn't paralyze him. He fractured his right back leg joint and over time it has become frozen.
Over time, this has caused significant arthritis spanning his entire spine. The decision was made that due to his health issues it would be best if our founder would take him as a hospice permanent foster.

Zeus was a powerful cat. One of the most powerful male cats that we have found. His front half was very built and muscular this is how his body works to get him around. His back half was withered and it is clear that this is where his biggest issues are.

Unfortunately, Zeus passed away in April 2023. He was very loved and even found a kitten friend, Henatia, that he loved to comfort him in his last days.